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What We Do

LongReach Aviation is an organization with a global perspective. 


Over the years, we have built many unique relationships that resulted from time spent developing and managing distribution / manufacturing /repair networks to support the world’s airlines.


Using this channel, we now support and assist our clients in the sourcing and disposition of their commercial aircraft and engine needs, including collaboration with investment and leasing organizations.

We also maintain an inventory of ’on-demand’ Auxiliary Power Units for both long and short term leasing as well as exchange.

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Contact Melanie Wood, Business Manager  for general and accounting inquiries via email:

Aircraft Hangar

Company Culture

We are a small but dedicated team of business professionals. Our goal is to provide creative and value-added services to our customers. We treat each new interaction as a unique opportunity to provide customer-centered service with a personal touch.

Our background working in the arena of airline maintenance support gave us many years of opportunity to interact with both suppliers and customers around the world. This past experience has afforded us a level of flexibility and adaptability that allows us to focus on projects of any size and scope.



LongReach Aviation is proud to be a member of ISTAT



Bill Korth, Managing Director, is a seasoned executive who has spent most of his 30 years in aviation centered in the commercial aircraft sector and the associated maintenance needed for these aircraft. Primary in this, was the oversight and transformation of AAXICO from a regional surplus spare parts supplier into an internationally renowned distributor.

As CEO, he led the diversification into both the manufacturing and repair sectors which offered customers a further enhancement in dealing with many of their critical maintenance components. With customer support and distribution centers anchored around the globe, robust relationships and contracts were developed and maintained until Bill agreed to merge AAXICO with KAPCO to create Kapco-Global which later became Proponent.

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Contact Bill Korth

Managing Director via email:

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